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“Without a doubt the best cafe I've ever been to. Consistantly perfect coffee, some of the nicest staff I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.”
— Shane Clough

Great Coffee deserves great milk

The A2 protein difference

Conventional cows’ milk contains two main types of beta casein protein, A2 protein and A1 protein – A2 branded milk comes from cows selected to naturally produce only the A2 protein type and no A1.

A recipe that works

MILKLAB spent countless hours blending and testing the perfect almond milk for coffee. Their unique recipe brings you not only a milk that complements the intensity of espresso but also textures and stretches like the real thing.

perfection every time

Bonsoy is created from a select variety of whole organic soybeans that are processed to the highest standard, helping deliver the best that nature has to offer.


“OSCAR” and “MIKE” are the names of the two nato phonetic alphabet letters “O” and “M”, which stand for the phrase "ON THE MOVE". Located on the Northern arcade of Glenferrie Train Station, just moments away from Swinburne Univeristy and the Glenferrie Road shopping precinct, Oscar Mike is a Hawthorn cafe serving freshly roasted beans by local specialty coffee roaster Five Senses Coffee.